Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Why "Tinder App" in Facebook is so famous now a days?

There is a buzz going around about "Tinder" app. Recently introduced in Facebook, this is an app that finds out who lies you nearby and starts connecting with them but only when you are also interested in that person. 

Purely an app that lets you connect with others nearby your location. 

It is an app for iOS users which is readily available in iTunes Store. You can download right here: 

Anonymous persons get connected with each other if they are liked by each other in Tinder.

Features : 

  1. Shows you the persons who are interested in you 
  2. If you like the same person then this app makes an introduction and lets you chat within the app
But privacy here is the most important point.

For using this app, you need to log in using your Facebook account.

As this app will find out the friends or other anonymous person nearby you, it goes without saying that it will use your location details. To use or not to use while granting permission to this app is to be taken into consideration.

Will you share your location details to any other person who is unknown to you and still liking you? Keep steps very carefully before using this app.

In the next post I will discuss some important tips to maintain privacy before using Tinder app .

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