Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How to maintain privacy while using "Tinder app" in Facebook

As discussed in the earlier post, Tinder app is becoming more and more liked by people who are interested in connecting with other people.

In Facebook, privacy it the main thing that every user has to keep in mind before posting. Recently, Facebook has introduced a new tool called as "Anti Bullying tool" to avoid teens getting affected by "Cyber Bullying". Teens had been gifted the sharing of posts in Facebook publicly by Facebook which may create problems for them later. To protect teens, the social media introduced anti bullying tool. 

Now that the "Tinder" app is basically released for connecting even the anonymous people on Facebook, setting some privacy limitations becomes mandatory. 

Why privacy should be maintained while using "Tinder" app:

People who get connected with unknown persons in Tinder, almost think that the other person is trustworthy and reliable. Some people may be here just for fun and entertainment purpose. No one should get targeted for bad intentions of others'. Some may be using fake profile ids etc. The app allows you to swipe through the profiles of matches within your area. If you like them, you press "heart" icon and if they are not interested then they just press "X" icon on the app. Else otherwise. 

This is widely spread and famous in the college goers.

People using this app should follow some privacy steps. The main points that you should consider are : 

  • Before using this app and granting permission while logging in via Facebook, make sure whether you are comfortable with it. 
  • Location will be used by this app. So before using this app think twice or thrice to permit it to access your geographical location.
  • Your basic information like name, profile picture, age will be accessed and shared in the app. So again a thoughtful decision matters. 
  • You may receive a hell lot of interested profile requests. Hence to set a privacy wall is important here too. 
Using of any app like "Tinder" is risky as it is something related to connecting ones who are unknown to you in your geographical location.

Hence, before using this app, think wisely and enter into it.


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