Thursday, December 26, 2013

Facebook steps to add "Donate" button to fan pages

Few days back Facebook introduced a new feature called "Donate Now" button for non profit organizations. According to the updates, you can use this button or install it if you are handling any non profit organization and have a fan page for it. Instead of going and asking for donations door to door better have a "Donate Now" button for your famous fan page. 
Social media sites has this an added advantage for helping some non profit organizations. Facebook is one of them who has introduced this button. To use this button or feature on your fan page you need to create it using an app. 

The app name is "Donate Button Creator" in Facebook, powered by First Giving, that creates "Donation" button for any type of charity. 

Below post will help you in the addition of Donate button for your website or blog or fan page.  

When you have decided to install this button then follow the steps as stated below : 
  • Log in to your Facebook account
  • Type "Donation Button Creator" in the Graph search. If you don't get the correct app from Graph search then on the another tab in the browser search in Google. The first of all the results will be the button you are looking for. (
  • It will open in this site. 
  • Type the name of the charity page that you own in Facebook in the "Charity Search" text box. 
  • Enter the message in the "Why are you supporting this charity" box and then click "Post" button. 
  • Below there are two options on for installing this button, i.e website and Facebook fan page. 
  • If you want to install it in your website, copy the code in the box and then embed in the source code of your website. 
  • If you have a fan page and want to install this button then click "Install on Facebook Page".
  • The list of pages you admin will be displayed. Select the "Install Now" button besides the actual name of the fan page you want to add this button to. 
  • Then select the page and again click "Add Donate Button Creator" .
Once you have created and added Donate button to your Facebook fan page, you need to change the settings.

For that go to the fan page where you have installed this button.

  • Click on the pencil to open the tabs for editing  
  • Hover mouse over the Donate button and click the pencil button at the top right corner of it. 
  • List of options will be displayed. Select the "Edit Settings" option 
  • Enter the tab name and change the image of the button. 
Now when people visit your fan page and click on this button to donate out of their interest it will securely take their donations.

Facebook has really taken good steps in creating this social network work and many good features are added in it to help others.

This button will help many needy people who have suffer from any drought or any calamity or any other natural disaster.

My personal salute to the founders and developers of Facebook.


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Being the most cost effective source, Social media sites have proved to be very effective in helping out the non-profit organizations. Facebook is leading in such platforms who have introduced the “Donate Now” button. In order to make full use of this option, you must need to create it through a specific app.

To know more about this feature visit Facebook donate button

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