Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Facebook's new "Donate Now" button for non profits to collect donations

Facebook always is active for launching new features whether it is a Sympathize button or Auto-Play videos in mobiles or displaying "Web" or "Mobile" for mobile users in chat. Every feature is a unique one and play a different unique role.

As this social media is designed in such a way that anyone can use it for their own purpose, whether it is teenager or housewives or bloggers or business personal etc everyone is using Facebook for their own purpose. 

This time Facebook has come up with a new button called "Donate Now" which is specially designed for non profit organizations who can collect the funds for the betterment of the people.There are situations where in people will be searching for their near and dear ones who have been stuck up in some disasters or calamities. If some NGO's or non profit organizations post in News Feed which will have a "Donate Now" button that will collect funds for the people who are suffering then that middle man's role will be played by Facebook. 

The above image shows a post of "American Cancer Society" which displays the "Donate Now" button below the post. This button when clicked will have a list of options for donations by users. The account details will be asked by "Donate Now" button where the user if interested in donating some funds can do so. 

Facebook developed this feature which gives non profits an easier way to reach out and ask for help in the times of natural disasters. There is over 1 billion people who access Facebook and taking this into consideration, the non profits will get a best way to ask for help and support from people. 

There are about 19 non profit organizations who will start displaying the "Donate" button at the top of their pages and at the bottom of the posts. 

Overall, a big thanks to Facebook for launching this feature after having asked for filling the "Interest form" by some organizations. Many have given the positive response and this feature will be in action from today. 

Now you can add the button for your fan pages. Find out how to add "Donation" button to your website and Facebook fan pages.

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