Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Find who is "Hating" you in Facebook

Daily updates in Facebook may like someone or not. You may or may not like some posts of your friends. There may be situations when some friends who meet you personally have hurt you or may be you have hurt them. They may not show in Facebook as they are friends. But finding out who hates you or whom you hate in Facebook will show the real image of your friends face. 

There is one such app which can tell you which friends hate you or whom you hate. An app called , "Hate With Friends" does this. 

When you go to this site, you have to log in to your Facebook account. The list of your friends are displayed with their images and below every image there is a button called "Hate Him" or "Hate Her". Also with that you will get few tabs that will let you know who else has clicked on "Hate" button under your image in their account. 

This may be taken as a play if you want to. Name it as "Hate Hate " play in Facebook. You click hate button and it will inform that person or vice verse.

Once you and your friend have agreed to hate each other, Facebook will prompt you to either "Unfriend" them or "Send a Gift" to patch up the relationship. 

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