Tuesday, October 29, 2013

How to engage your "Fans" in your fan page by creating "Forums"

A professional fan page needs as many tabs as possible for engaging their visitors. Fan pages are meant to get more fans and viewers for your product.
As "online marketing" is becoming more and more advanced today, one should know every bit of the marketing in your fan pages. 

Your service or product as it needs custom tabs like welcome tab, recent tweets, LiveChat tab, form tab, Quiz tab etc, it also needs a tab that can engage your visitors to post their views and know about others. That is called as "Forum Tab"

In forums, you can make a platform available where your fan page visitors will get a chance to say something about it and get others' opinion.This is nothing but creating a "Discussion board" in simple terms. 
For creating a forum or a discussion platform for your fans, app called "Forum for Pages" is used.

Main features of this app are: 

  • Threaded discussions
  • Deep linking
  • Page owners can post as their page
  • Users who post in the forum are allowed to edit their posts upto 2 hours after posting in forum
  • Posting is restricted to fans only 
  • Search for a specific topic
  • Anyone can link to the post
  • Available in different languages like English, French, Spanish, Swedish and Italian
To create a Forum in your Facebook Fan Page: 

  • Log in to your account
  • Type "Forums for Pages" in the Graph Search
  • Select the page from the list below
  • Click on "Add Page Tab" 
  • You can see now that the page is asking you to create a "New Topic" 
  •  Click on "New Topic" and now enter the topic title and description or a simple question to start. 
  • And now hit "Post" 
Now your forum's first discussion topic is posted. Visitors when they will arrive they will enter their answers or thoughts.

Inform your visitors that you have created a forum section in your fan page for forums to start slowly.



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