Saturday, October 26, 2013

How to "Untag" yourself from a Facebook comment

Tagging feature in Facebook lets you flag someone in your posts and comments. When you "Tag" your friend, actually it means you are creating a link to their timeline. With this effect, they get informed about their flagging in your posts. Another way to inform him or her that you are mentioned in one of your posts. 

Many a times there are some spam applications or fake profiles in Facebook, that tag you even when you have not added them in your friends list. This is a spam and a serious issue that should not be ignored. 

Immediate actions will clear spams. 

To "Untag" yourself in other fake profiles and in their posts, follow these simple steps: 

  • Go to your Timeline
  • Select Activity Log
  • Click on "Posts You're tagged" option
  • Select the post or comment you are tagged 
  • Hover your mouse cursor to the right top and click "Edit" 
  • Hit "Report / Remove Tag" option

This will remove your tag and will not allow the spam posts to tag you henceforth.

These easy steps will "Untag" yourself from getting tagged in fake profiles and friends. After untagging yourself, just check for any fake profiles or friends are their in your friends' list.


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This won't show when you're tagged in a comment, only when your tagged in a post.

It is so boring when someone tag myself on their comment.
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Thanks for your effective guide

Doesn't work for comments you're tagged in.

It wont let you remove a tag from a comment. Which I think is bullshit. I dont want people tagging me in stuff.

What if the post doesn't show up under your activity?

Yeah, still no solution for untagging comments...

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many of you are right! doesn't work when you're tagged in a comment in a group. sorry MEDHA SRIKANTH, any updated suggestions?

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