Monday, January 27, 2014

11 Important ingredients every Facebook Fan Page must have

People who set "Facebook" as their high priority social media marketing for their business, need to know which are the key ingredients for making fan pages impressive or engaging. 

In the books of social media marketing, Facebook comes the first in the place and then comes others like Twitter, Google+, etc. Facebook, due to its versatility, has many aspects for every individual to use it. 

The success behind every fan page is different as the intention behind creating the fan pages are different. Mostly business' credibility and popularity is judged with the fan page likes or comments and what people share about their experiences. 

In a post on Facebook Marketing Bible, the writer has beautifully mentioned the best ways to market a product or a brand. Where there is a need to brush up your fan pages is important. Just by creating it and waiting for likes and fan following will not work. If you have missed an article on 4 best Facebook Marketing tools for small and big business, then have a look at that to know what you have not added in your fan page.

Marketing is not just promoting the product on your fan page but it is based on how best you manage to engage your fans or new visitors.

In this post, I have added some important key ingredients for making your business fan page work more better.

The 10 most important ingredients that every fan page should have are: 

  • First Look of your fan page : Most important aspect for visitors to become a fan is the first look. As the saying goes, "First impression is the last impression", make sure that your first look is very impressive for visitors.
  • Image or cover : Again it is based on the look. The images speak more than text, and hence make sure the image or cover of the fan page is best suited and tells more things about your fan page like what is this fan page for, etc.
  • The Tabs: Working on tabs is bit dicy. According to the type of fan page you are owning, you need to work on the type of tabs that you install. If you are arranging events, then best tab would be adding Google Calendar to fan page, so that your viewers would know what is scheduled and when.  If you are having a charity fan page, then having the latest feature called Donate Now button will help. If you have to display the most lovable images from your Instagram, then find out the way for it. Add Instagram tab to fan page
  • Surveys : Conduct some surveys for better information about what your fans expect from your fan page. 
  • RSS Feed: Always display updated posts according to your blog or website by using RSS Feed button to your fan page.   
  • Videos:  This is an important point for every fan page, whether it is a business fan page or a normal fan page. 
  • About section:  This section is the way to bring new customers and convert them to fans. Have a good "About" section. Include your website details and links. 
  • QR code:  You may not have heard of this point anywhere. But let me inform you that this is one of the key features that your fan page will bring you more business. Having confused about how to add QR code for fan pages? Not to worry. I have provided the link for the same. Utilize your skills to add this for getting more customers.  
  • Good content and Best SEO: After all your fan page displays the face of your website and your business. Content is the king in the books of SEO. For getting searched by Google or major search engines you should use best SEO tricks. There are about 12 tricks for improving your fan page. Read the article and act accordingly for your fan page. 
  • Engage more fans: Fans, visitors will bring more public and audience to your fan page. So giving importance to them is best way for growing your business. To engage your first time visitors conduct some video contests, One more is use Facebook Places for making the visitors know about your office when they are in the vicinity of your place marked in "Places".  
  • Highlight some important posts: If you have an important message to share to your visitors or any post is of much importance on your fan page, then highlight the posts

Creating fan page is a creative field. Create more points of yours to grow your business via Facebook. If you have some, you can share them here for others to know. Share yours and others will share theirs, because each one of us have some or the other trick which can be used.

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