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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Now speak with Facebook and convert your speech into action - Thanks to

Ever thought of any tool that can convert your speech into action!! 

Till now people were talking about WhatsApp, which was acquired by Facebook. Now it's time of sending speech data which will convert into action. Great news!!

Now its time to welcome the new thoughts that can convert un-imaginary work into real ones. Facebook, the biggest Social Media Network, has once again spread its wings to join hands with the upcoming technology , called,  

People must be wondering about the name itself. Let me tell you in brief some basic points about is a platform that turns human speech into an action. Like , for example, if you say "Turn the lights on at 7 pm", then it learns what users say and extracts the useful information and converts this into an action. Be it any command, it gives the necessary output in action. 

Very impressive. Right? 

Now coming to the point, has joined hands with Facebook, as it has the talent and resources to help the new company to take a new step. As Facebook has millions of users, the technology that understands its users' needs via speech is a big step., is just 18 months fresh one to start and exists as "an open, distributed, community based platform that makes it easy for developers to build apps that users can talk to," as per the team that runs the operation. 

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Facebook Rooms - a room for being yourself

Despite the anonymous nature of the Internet, users have always liked the freedom of being themselves without being discovered. Think of the early 1990s where we used to use IRC channels to chat anonymously.

Inspired by both the ethos of these early web communities and the capabilities of modern smartphones, today we’re announcing Rooms, the latest app from Facebook Creative Labs. Rooms lets you create places for the things you’re into, and invite others who are into them too.

A room is a feed of photos, videos, and text – not too different from the one you have on Instagram or Facebook - with a topic determined by whoever created the room. Early users have already created rooms for everything from beat boxing videos to parkour to photos of home- cooked meals.

Not only are rooms dedicated to whatever you want, room creators can also control almost everything else about them. Rooms is designed to be a flexible, creative tool. You can change the text and emoji on your like button, add a cover photo and dominant colors, create custom “pinned” messages, customize member permissions, and even set whether or not people can link to your content on the web. You can even create different identities for different contexts.

Rooms follows the age-old concept of a message board — a place to build your own identity and converse with people with mutual interests on the mobile.

The only way to join a room is if you have been invited to one. To invite someone to your room, tap 'invite' which will generate a QR code image. Now send the image to the person you want to invite. Once the person opens the image, he is added to the room successfully.

Head over to the App Store to download Rooms for iPhone

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

How Facebook is helping flood victims - Jammu and Kashmir floods 2014

Few days back, Jammu and Kashmir was terribly hit with continuous rains which led to natural calamity like floods all over the state. The victims had to leave their homes and move to other places for shelter. Many people have lost their lives. 

The roads, rivers, buildings are missing due to the huge force of water. 

In this case or in such cases where there is a huge number of people who need help from others , there the social networking helps and rescues the people. 

Recently, a group called "Kashmir Flood Information Channel" has been created on Facebook which is informing the latest news about the floods with the details about the rescue operations. 

The posts informs about the emergency numbers to be contacted for the family members to get connected with their lost ones, also the images and videos. One major issue that may occur is about the rumours which may be spread to many. So to avoid them, posts are done that asks people to not to spread rumours about unknown people. 

My personal salute to such social media sites that really help people when needed.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Have you done a "Privacy Checkup" for your Facebook account?

The latest news suggests that, Facebook has started its users to go through a series of new exercise called "Privacy Checkup". 

What is actually a privacy checkup? 

It is a short online exercise where the users review who they are sharing with on the social network platform.  It includes a review of who can see your posts, namely, public / friends /  only me.  Also which third party apps your account is linked to and what information you are sharing in your profile. 

The checkup was announced in the month of May this year, but due to some tests and some coding sets, it has been delayed. Now the system of privacy checkup is made available for all users. 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Facebook's new style : Displaying Ads according to your browsing history !!!

Did you ever notice or thought that as we surf internet and the browsing history is saved in a cache in our PC, in the similar manner, what we access in Facebook, is also saved in the history. But now it will be saved in the browsing history of Facebook. 

The list of things or clicks that you do in the social media is now accessible by Facebook. But many people will think that it is a bit normal that as we surf internet, we do some searches in Facebook too. But remember, the social media giant uses your this browsing history to display ads on your screen. Whatever you search for will be displayed in the form of ads on your FB screen. 

It was stated in Sept 2013, that Facebook will display less ads. The News Feed displays the ads that are relevant to your likes and your browsing history. This is applicable for Facebook app users and PC users too. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

About Facebook's "Ad Conversion Pixel" for e-commerce sites

Having an e-commerce website and struggling to get leads or traffic? I am sure you have tried your luck in Facebook ads which did not give you the expected results. Well, this post may help you out for your Facebook ad creation tricks for getting more traffic to your website.

Just creating Facebook ad won't give success in the market. Some tricky solutions have to be managed. 

In e-commerce sites, creators expect the visitors turning into genuine customers for buying some products online. If there is a tracking system on your site, then nothing like that friend which will give you full reports about all clicks, conversions, registrations, etc.

Facebook has that feature or you can say that tracking system to help you out. That is "Ad Conversion Pixel".  A very heavy word to understand. I will make is simple step by step.

Firstly, a conversion is an action that a user does on your website like checking, registering, etc. Any action that he or she does on your website is called as conversion. As an owner of the e-commerce website, you need to know who has done what actions on it. To do this, there is a tracking system called as "Conversion Tracking".  This tracking determines or measures the ROI on Facebook ads and reports you whether ad is actually leading customers to your websites. And to track this, a small piece of code is needed that has to be placed on your website which is called as "Conversion Tracking Pixel" or "Conversion Pixel".

If you are using Google Chrome it is well and good that for using Ad Conversion Pixel, you need a plugin that is available in Chrome only. The plugin called "Power Editor" takes the responsibility of creating, editing, managing ads, optimize them, 

Have the pleasure of people who come to your websites and buying products. You enjoy the fruits, let the "Ad Conversion Pixel" track the necessary reports for you. On that you can then plan for the next ad campaigns to get better results from ads.

Have you used this tool? If yes then share your experiences.

After WhatsApp, Facebook acquires Oculus VR

Just after acquiring WhatsApp,  now the social networking giant is making a step forward with hot news. The news that is buzzing around everywhere. Facebook is buying Oculus VR, a virtual reality company, for $2 billion. 

People who think that Facebook acquiring Oculus is a step that will confuse, but this acquisition is a clear boon for VR's biggest proponents, and not a threat.