Monday, December 25, 2017

Facebook Face Recognition Technology - A new tool to manage your identity

The Tagging Feature in Facebook is not a new tool for Facebook users. Till now we all have experienced the "TAG" feature while sharing images or status updates or videos on Facebook.

Facebook always tries to engage and surprise their users with a new set of tools for their benefits which are user-friendly. You all have used tagging in different categories like tagging in videos or tagging friends in status updates, etc. 

If you remember I have also stated in one of my posts that Facebook has started a new way to recognize an individual.That's Facial Recognition Database which will store all profile photos in their system.Now Facebook has a new option to manage your identity. A new tool or you may call it as a new technology to manage your identity on Facebook. Now you can manage your identity using this feature called "Face Recognition Technology"

Introduced recently, this tool or feature lets you tag yourself in the photos or videos that you are not tagged in.

A simple ON/OFF setting in your account settings and the Face Recognition Technology or feature is set for you to use. 

When you are a part of the video or an image and if you are not tagged, then Facebook informs you to tag or untag yourself. This technology also helps people with visual impairments. For example, if an image is posted by a friend of a visually impaired person, then because of Face  Recognition Technology, the visually impaired person will be notified about the details of the image, like when the image was posted, at what time, what is the comment and who all are appearing in the image. 

Check out the following video to get more details. 

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